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Why Charlotte LOST The Women’s Title So Fas| WWE Smackdown Live results

The meaning behind Bayley's title win on SmackdownFriday Night Smackdown closed out on a major title change that has a lot of backstage reasoning behind itEver since her heel turn a few months ago...Fans have been wondering if we would ever get a new look or new music for Bayley and that day has finally come  Bayley officially debuted her new heel look and persona on Smackdown 

Bayley took out all of the inflatable buddies, her signature ponytail was gone with her new short hair...And the smile was completely removed from her face Bayley lost her women’s title at Hell in a cell in order for her to snap into this new persona and quickly regain the title Bayley went out there with a whole new persona and was pinned clean, it would've to look horrible so she was put in a position where she basically had to win to establish herself

 So why did Charlotte lose the championship so fast? This was actually reported on and confirmed a few months backThe plans with Charlotte is to get her up to that 16x team champion mark to tie with her father wwe does not want her to have long Reigns at all, they want to keep them short and sweet plan is for Charlotte to have short Reigns sprinkled in to stat pad her way to 16 world title winsThat’s why her reign before Wrestlemania was short and why this one was only a week-long it's just to quickly help get her to 16x titles even faster on the flip side, the title win helps establishes 

Bayley’s new persona this new Bayley is off to a really hot startWe’ll have to see how the character interacts with the crowd now that she has fully transitioned over to the heel side what are your thoughts on Bayley's new gear, look, and theme music?

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