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Brock Lesnar Attacks Kofi Kingstonn 17th SEP Smackdown 2019

Brock Lesnar Attacks Kofi Kingston 17th SEP Smackdown 2019

Brock Lesnar returns

The Match Was On between Randy Orton, revival vs the new day. the wwe champion Kofi Kingston leads the new day to the win over Randy Orton and his revival. 
After few minutes of the celebration of victory *music plays* And here comes the beast Brock Lesnar with his advocate Paul Heyman.
The beast Brock Lesnar has changed his mind on grabbing the universal championship and now he is clearly focusing on the wwe championship.
As always paul Heyman wants what the beast brock Lesnar wants. Paul Heyman said that On October 4th smackdown live Brock Lesnar challenges you for the wwe championship and the match is on Kofi Kingston has accepted to fight the beast for his wwe championship.
*Crowd Cheers* 
And then Brock Lesnar leaves the ring by F5ing the wwe champion Kofi Kingston.

Quick Overview 
The match is Set between the beast brock lesner vs Kofi Kingston for the wwe championship on Oct 4, 2019. 

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